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Revitalize your well-being

Have you stopped to reflect on your well-being comprehensively? Monitoring well-being and regular self-examination are crucial for maintaining and improving your well-being. Now, you can regain your perspective on your well-being with a 5-minute survey, which will provide you with a report on four well-being factors and a trackable index. The Myseula-survey has been modeled through scientific research and developed in Finland. Are you ready?

Well-being is a multidimensional concept, consisting of a balance between your mind, movement, self, and social relationships. You can assess your well-being using the Myseula well-being questionnaire. Restore your perspective on your well-being.

Four well-being factors:

Mind: I am aware of the state of my mind and strive to keep it positive. Awareness and meditation help me manage stress and anxiety. Small daily acts, such as regular sleep and moments of calm, increase positivity in my life.

Movement: Physical activity is an essential part of my well-being. I take care of my regular physical activity, which supports my physical health and helps clear my mind. Walks, especially in nature, provide balance amid the hectic pace of everyday life.

Self: Self-awareness is a key factor in well-being. I know my values, goals, and limitations. I set realistic goals and listen to my body. Additionally, I take care of myself and make time for my hobbies and rest.

Social Relationships: My social relationships are meaningful. I care about my loved ones and strive to spend time with them. I know that strong relationships support my mental health and well-being.

BitHabit – Increasing Well-Being Through Small Actions:

The impact of small actions on well-being is significant. For example, maintaining a daily gratitude journal helps me focus on positive things. Small physical activities, like a walk during the workday, uplift my spirits and provide energy. Sending a message to friends without a specific reason pleasantly surprises them and strengthens our relationships.

In summary, well-being is a continuous balancing act between the mind, movement, self, and social relationships. The effect of small actions is substantial and can accumulate over time. Prioritizing your well-being and making conscious choices, as well as incorporating small daily actions using the BitHabit app with over 450 options, will help you on your journey to restore your perspective on well-being. Subscribe to a 30-day free trial.