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Wellpro is an active project participant in various public health and internationalization related projects with a mission to promote human wellbeing and health. We actively operate in health and wellness-promoting ecosystems. Wellpro’s products can impact brain and memory health, mental health, diabetes, healthy aging, and work wellbeing. Screening and activation methods can produce data for impact measurement and monitoring.

Impact study of mental wellbeing in the wellbeing services county

The UEF CI (Computational Intelligence) research group, AI unit, and Wellpro are collaborating to develop an AI assistant to enhance the use of Myseula and BitHabit.

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In order to reach the target audience, a pilot experiment was conducted from January to May 2023. All individuals aged 18-64 in Northern Savonia were invited through Mieliteko program channels to participate in an expert service package and to assess their mental well-being in relation to the Myseula application. They were also asked to use the Small Acts mobile application for a period of four (4) weeks.


The project consortium is building an ecosystem architecture that follows the principles of fair data economy set by Sitra. The architecture is designed to promote brain health and prevent memory disorders based on performance outcomes.

The objective of the development project is to strengthen Wellpro’s product development and accelerate its international growth. The product development aims to create a consumer-focused memory health activation program, emphasize data analytics, and leverage artificial intelligence to generate automated action recommendations.

The e-FINGERS project is based on the innovative FINGER multimodal dementia prevention model developed by the research group at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). This model has been globally tested within the World-Wide FINGERS network.

The project has three main scientific objectives: (1) Improving disease modeling and prediction of dementia risk; (2) Facilitating the design of innovative clinical trials; and (3) Supporting brain health in the aging population. Collaboration with the industry is crucial to ensure the innovative scientific development of our disease models, prediction algorithms, intervention and/or action models, as well as the development of evidence-based tools and solutions to promote brain health and prevent dementia on an international scale.

The main objective of the Tempo project was to initiate internationalization. During the project, internationalization was planned, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of the digital service pathway was developed to meet the needs of the international market, market validation was carried out, financing was planned, and the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) was ensured.