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We specialize in screening the risk factors of brain and memory health as well as promoting mental wellbeing and healthy aging – considering the entire life course. We develop, maintain, and implement software solutions that utilize smart technology and AI. Our solutions comprehensively take into account different areas of well-being: mind, movement, life satisfaction, brain and memory health, nutrition, and social activity.

We trust in the ability and willingness of software users to impact their own wellbeing through guidance and support.

Free trial 30 days

BitHabit – Truly impactful

Scientifically tested small acts activate healthy lifestyles. Take a hold of your well-being now.

Myseula screening method

You can monitor the progress of your own index. In addition, individual impact assessment mechanism can be linked to screenings, which allows individuals to monitor their overall progress as well as four different areas (mind, movement, life satisfaction, and social relationships).

Memory screening

BitHabit – Do healthy actions with app

BitHabit includes small actions related to forming healthy habits and enables their selection and tracking. Users receive reminders for the small actions they have chosen and marked.

Free trial 30 days