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Future technology company supporting human wellbeing and health promotion.

We specialize in screening the risk factors of brain and memory health as well as promoting mental wellbeing and healthy aging – considering the entire life course.

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How do we make an impact?

Our specialty lies in developing, maintaining, and implementing software solutions that utilize smart technology and AI to maintain and promote brain and memory health. Our goal is to prevent lifestyle diseases and promote healthy habits. We trust in the ability and willingness of solution users to impact their own wellbeing through guidance and support.

The services produced by our software can collect data, analyze it, and produce data for the promotion of wellbeing and health. Our customers can use this data to support decision-making and develop health promoting services. Our customers include wellbeing regions, cities, municipalities, states, and businesses, as well as social actors responsible for promoting wellbeing and health. Users can also use our products to monitor their own progress and promote healthy habits.

We also provide data analysis and impact assessment for social and healthcare as well as wellbeing services.

Myseula screening method

Wellpro has developed the world’s first service and solution that can screen health risk factors and with the same software, the software offers users multimodal lifestyle intervention programs.

The Myseula screening method differs greatly from previously widely used methods. The method is based on a person’s knowledge of their own lifestyle. Myseula’s questions are tailored to identify lifestyle related risk factors. The screening method does not collect health information or contain health claims. The softwares are not medical devices.

Brain and memory health

BitHabit lifestyle intervention program

BitHabit is a web software that includes small actions related to forming healthy habits and allows users to choose and track them in the app. The app sends reminders to the user about the small actions they have chosen and their notations.

BitHabit was developed during the national Stopdia- project by THL (National Institute for Health and Welfare) and the University of Eastern Finland. Wellpro has continued to develop the software and added a section related to brain and memory health. We work globally in collaboration with THL’s Finger and the University of Eastern Finland’s eFinger projects. In addition, our partners include the University of Eastern Finland’s The House of Effectiveness, Sitra, Business Finland, and the Central Finland Centre for Economic Development.