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Finnish medical Journal: In good experiences with the well-being app

In Northern Savonia, a project was carried out using the Myseula and BitHabit well-being apps, which gathered nearly 900 BitHabit users in a month. The project encouraged making healthier choices for one’s health. The adult population in the area had the opportunity to participate in the Myseula well-being survey and the BitHabit app, and the results are encouraging. During the trial, thousands of small actions were taken, which improved mental well-being as well as physical fitness.

In addition, the app has a positive impact on psychological well-being.

Studies show that the residents of Northern Savo are satisfied with their lives, but there are challenges in improving physical fitness. The project carried out by the University of Eastern Finland was part of the Mieliteko program, which aims to enhance mental well-being and reduce substance use. The well-being app provides a cost-effective and widely accessible way to promote health, enabling continuous data collection.

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