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On this page, we have collected the most frequently asked questions under different subject areas. You can browse the answers below.

After completing Myseula, you will receive tips on how to change your lifestyle in the report. On the BitHabit homepage, you will be asked which areas you want to choose small everyday actions for promoting well-being and health. After making your choices (1-3 areas), you can choose your small actions.

We recommend that you choose 3-6 small actions for the first month. When you notice that the small action you have chosen has become a routine, you can mark it as completed by checking the box “I already do this.” According to scientific observations, it takes 3-4 weeks for a routine to form when repeated daily. You can update your small actions, and we recommend using Myseula and choosing new small actions based on it.

The index numbers of different areas of Myseula (mind, movement, self, others) are formed by the averages or weighted averages of the points given in different questions. The same question can be part of several different indicators. The Myseula index, which describes overall well-being, takes into account the scores of all the questions related to different lifestyle areas in the same way.

You can start using Myseula immediately. For BitHabit, you will receive an invitation as a user via text message after purchasing the product.

You can cancel your subscription through the application or by contacting customer service at least 2 weeks before the end of the subscription period by sending a message to

You can purchase products from the online store either on a monthly subscription basis or in six-month packages. We use the internationally renowned Stribe payment service. It is safest to use a card payment.

The University of Eastern Finland is conducting research on the impact of the pilot by collecting data on the number of Myseula and BitHabit users and the types of actions selected from BitHabit, as well as the actions that may become permanent. The identity of any user is not identified or disclosed. We want to test whether an easy-to-use application can motivate people to pay attention to their mental well-being and improve it. We know that a high-quality application is likely to help people who are already active and want to take care of themselves. We want to find out if we can also reach those who are struggling with their mental health and well-being.

Yes! You can track your lifestyle changes in the application. You will receive feedback on your progress and suggestions for situations where you can implement your new small actions. When you have repeated a particular action 20 times, you will be asked whether the new habit has become permanent or whether it is still worth practicing.

If you do not use the application for a couple of weeks, the application will send you a reminder by email or text message at a time of your choice.

The application was created through the collaboration of behavioral scientists and experts in health behavior and health sciences. The content is based on scientific theories of habit formation and change.

BitHabit is based on several years of scientific research. When the application was completed and tested, it was used as a digital lifestyle intervention tool in the StopDia research project for a year. BitHabit does not require a downloadable program. Anyone with a mobile device and internet connection can use the application.

The University of Eastern Finland, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland developed the application for the StopDia research project, which focuses on the prevention of type 2 diabetes. VTT is responsible for the technical development of the application, while the University of Eastern Finland and THL are responsible for the content based on scientific research. Wellpro has since developed the content of the application together with researchers from the University of Eastern Finland to serve the improvement of mental well-being as well.

After answering the Myseula questions and receiving feedback on your answers, the report includes a link through which you can order BitHabit for use. When ordering, you only need to provide your email and mobile phone number for activation. Within an hour during the day, you will receive an activation link via text message, which will give you access to the application.

It is a mobile application and knowledge bank that is full of small everyday actions that increase your well-being. It nudges you to live a healthier everyday life. Its purpose is to guide you towards new, healthy, and above all, permanent habits through small and very ordinary actions. The goal is for you to adopt a few healthy actions into your everyday life and continue to do them so that they become truly permanent habits.

The application has up to 450 everyday actions categorized into different topics that are easily achievable. In addition to actions related to nutrition, sleep, and exercise, you can choose from numerous actions that affect mental and brain well-being.

BitHabit provides information on eating, exercise, alcohol consumption, smoking, sleep, and mental health. The app also offers links to recipes, tips for exercise breaks, sleep maintenance, and models for relaxation exercises.

Yes, you can, and we recommend it. When you use Myseula Active (paid version) and answer the questions regularly, for example, once a month, you can monitor possible changes in your well-being and also stick to changed lifestyle habits.

You can see the prices on the “Products” tab. Filling out Myseula once is free of charge.

Data security is crucial when it comes to health-related information. It has been carefully considered and developed when creating the questionnaire, and the questionnaires do not collect health information. When it comes to health and well-being, technology must be safe. We collect as little information as possible from respondents. You do not even need to provide your name. We only ask for your email address and phone number. These are needed so that you can track changes in your lifestyle and become a user of the Bithabit wellness application and receive feedback on the small actions you choose.

No. We do not ask for your body mass index, cholesterol levels, or blood pressure. Myseula is not a medical device or diagnostic tool. It is a screening tool that aims to identify individual lifestyle-related risk factors based on research. Therefore, we do not collect your health information but rather focus on general well-being-related issues. We trust your own perspective and way of reflecting on your lifestyle.

Myseula is a questionnaire method created by Wellpro Impact Solutions, a company specializing in brain health. The method was originally developed based on research on brain and memory health. The method is patented.

Together with researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, the questionnaire has been refined, and the question pattern has been expanded to cover mental well-being.

Absolutely. Immediately after answering the questionnaire, you will receive a personalized report, including an index score with comments for each area and an overall index score. Additionally, the report includes traffic lights indicating the index level, which guide the feedback.

Myseula has two questionnaires, and you are asked to choose which one you are more interested in. The questionnaires are the Brain and Memory Health Questionnaire and the Mental Well-being Questionnaire. The survey includes a few background questions and about 25 lifestyle-related questions. They are everyday questions, but carefully crafted and based on scientific research. For example, there is a question about sitting because the risk of premature death doubles if a person sits for at least eight hours a day. The questions cover four areas: mental well-being, physical activity, social interaction, and satisfaction with life, which are the factors that current knowledge suggests have the most impact on our health.

4-5 minutes.

Myseula is a questionnaire and method that provides information on how your lifestyle affects brain and memory health, as well as your mental well-being. You will be asked everyday questions such as the amount of daily sitting, socializing with friends, and the amount of physical activity. The answers reveal how your daily habits support or undermine your well-being. Based on feedback from Myseula users, simply answering the questions prompts reflection on the impact of daily habits on well-being and encourages users to make positive changes. In essence, answering the questions serves as a mini-intervention.

Myseula and Bithabit work with commonly used web browsers, such as Chrome and Safari. You can save the application’s icon on your mobile device’s screen, which makes it easier to use the application.

Instructions for saving the icon: Log in to the application from which you want to create a shortcut, BitHabit or Myseula. Click the three dots on the right side of the menu bar, select “Add tools,” and from the pop-up menu, choose “Create shortcut” or “Add to home screen.” On an iPhone, the menu reads “Add to Home Screen.” Follow the instructions, and the shortcut icon will be saved on your mobile device’s screen.

You need a computer or mobile device with a web browser and internet connection. Both applications are web-based app applications. Thanks to the web-based nature, you do not need to download separate applications to your computer and/or mobile device.