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Wellpro adheres to the principles of fair data economy by Sitra. ( In our operations, data security and privacy are a top priority, and we protect personal data and other potentially sensitive information that may be collected.

Wellpro’s softwares have been developed to screen the impact of a citizen’s lifestyle on wellbeing and health without collecting health information or making health claims, and to activate healthier lifestyles through small actions.

The data produced by Wellpro is intended to promote the wellbeing of society and citizens. Data can be used for the public good if it has significance for social development. Data is processed in anonymized and/or pseudonymized form. Our solutions provide researchers and public communities with an opportunity for affordable and legal use of data. Solutions can be developed to solve increasingly large health problems (brain and memory health, mental health, diabetes) that burden citizens and society. Wellpro’s solutions are part of a project funded by Sitra, which is designing a data-driven and results-based efectiveness model for memory health. Finnish technology is a global leader in safe data use, and Wellpro is involved in developing safe methods for data management.

For more information on our principles of fair data economy, please contact