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Could an AI-based virtual assistant help us adopt a healthier lifestyle?

That was something what HealtHub Finland ask from Wellpro. And Wellpro team said, yes.

We have big news, Myseula screening and BitHabit users will get virtual assistant next year. That’s amazing. This unmissable opportunity emerged in collaboration with Health Hub Finland, EDIH, Kuopio Health, and the University of Eastern Finland University’s Computational Unit. We have assembled a multidisciplinary team with a strength of over 10 top experts.

It helps to track the impact of one’s lifestyle on well-being and to change daily routines for the better through bithabits. Also applications are reaching a new level of sensory accessibility. This is very 1st EDIH wellbeing project in Finland. 

“In a world where maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst the demands of modern life is a universal challenge, new solutions are on the horizon. One noteworthy example is the partnership between Wellpro Impact Solutions Ltd and HealthHub Finland EDIH. Together, the collaborators are embarking on a journey to develop AI-powered virtual assistants that have the potential to reshape how we approach our health and daily routines.”, read more from Health Hub Finland article

Wellpro is a well-networked company in the fields of science, public healthcare, and partnerships. Since our inception, we have built our operations with a focus on collaboration and have sought partnerships to promote a healthy lifestyle. The founders of the company have a wealth of experience in their careers and were looking for a way to make a meaningful impact for the benefit of all. It was recognized that a lifestyle survey, free from health claims, can easily reveal the impact of lifestyle and habits on well-being and health.

The company was established to help citizens discover healthier habits through small actions and make them new routines in their lives. Through the Myseula survey, anyone can determine their own lifestyle index and track it regularly. With the scientifically validated BitHabit, every citizen can improve their habits towards a healthier direction with over 450 small actions, healthy habits. Looking forward making them more in time with you.

The EDIH project offers an opportunity to further facilitate every citizen’s ability to adopt healthier habits. Small actions are the salvation of the entire society.