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Wellpro is a health and wellness technology company with a mission to promote human wellbeing and health.

We specialize in screening the risk of brain and memory health as well as promoting mental wellbeing and healthy aging. We develop, maintain, and implement software solutions that utilize smart technology and AI. Our solutions comprehensively take into account different areas of wellbeing: mind, movement, life satisfaction, brain load, nutrition, and social activity.

Centered on citizen wellbeing



Joni Borgström

CTO, data, and analytics
+358 40 911 2012

Borgström is an expert in knowledge management and data analytics. He has experience working as a business angel and possesses strong expertise in startups.


Juha Tenhunen

Digital Service Designer
+358 50 534 5075

Tenhunen can be described as a pioneer in the development of remote services. They have strong expertise in platform economy, social and healthcare services, as well as knowledge in secure digital design and development.


Tomi Tikkanen

A Master of Science in Computer Science, CTO, Technology Director, IT and Technology Solutions

Master of Science in Computer Science, CTO, Technology Director, IT and Technology Solutions Tomi is an IT professional specializing in healthcare information management from Eastern Finland. He has extensive experience in both public and private sector IT environments, as well as a broad background in product development and information management for various online services.


Timo Jylhä

M.Sc, CDO, Development Director, specializing in projects and funding

Timo has strong expertise and experience in business planning as well as the development of companies and organizations. He has worked in national and global business development roles, with a particular focus on utilizing digitalization and international launches.


Juho Strömmer

CSO, Psychologist, PhD, research and development
+358 44 287 1873

Dr. Strömmer, a Doctor of Psychology, is a brain researcher, occupational health psychologist, and upcoming psychotherapist. They have worked as an occupational health psychologist in several medical centers, as a researcher and teacher at the University of Jyväskylä, and as a visiting researcher at institutions such as the Cambridge Center of Ageing Neuroscience. At Wellpro, Dr. Strömmer is responsible for the scientific foundation of research and development work.


Petteri Sveins

CEO, leadership, and operations
+358 50 913 4773

Sveins has served as an expert for institutions such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations, and ministries in international roles. He has been awarded the State Prize, the Terve-Sos Certificate of Honor, and has been selected as the Social Worker of the Year.