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Patent pending: PCT/FI2022/050310

Myseula, program for the promotion of healthy aging

Myseula, is a low-threshold service promoting memory health for people over the age of 55, the primary purpose of which is to facilitate the assessment of the need to have a memory examination done and to increase knowledge about lifestyle choices related to healthy aging.

Software for the Myseula program has been developed for use with mobile phones and other terminal devices, which allows the user to take a quick memory-related test and participate in an activation program that promotes well-being and health.

The software has two versions that can be used to prolong work careers and screen the population for early stage memory disorders. The Myseula software is intended for use by employers and municipal customers. A separate application for consumer use is under development.

Modern technology
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Data analysis

Modern technology

The technical implementation of the products is based on the latest available technology.

The product contents that require expertise are based on high quality Finnish and international research

Easy of use

Wellpro products are easy to use; ease of use is an extremely important factor in product development.

The aim of the products is to create effectiveness that helps the end user to promote their own well-being and health.

Data analysis

Wellpro produces data and data analysis that can be used to support decision-making and the development of health-promoting services as needed.

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